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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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5 Useful Tips for Jewelry Artists – Because Creative Blocks Happen.

The front door of Harold Studio

After weeks of productivity and finishing jewelry pieces that make you proud, your river of creative ideas seems to freeze over. You look at your stones, stamped designs and metal patina samples in hope that they may somehow trigger a spark of an idea, or magically convey a concept because you’re making intense eye contact with them. Yet, still nothing comes to mind.

Not to worry! The following are just some ways that can help you get your creative mojo back:

Schedule time for you and Inspiration to meet.
Don’t panic. This won’t necessarily take more time from your packed schedule. You can get inspiration while on a morning walk/run/jog in nature, listening to your playlist of favorite tunes, doodling or sketching, and going to your local art museum or gallery with a friend. Inspiration is happiest to meet you when you are  in relaxed, fun situations.

A student's jewelry bench with tools and metals

Socialize/network with other jewelry designers.
This has a few different benefits to socializing with other designers. One is simply feeling a mutual kinship over the minor tragedies of bezel wire melted and the triumph of successfully finishing a challenging project. Another benefit is sharing tips that could help each other in your designs and being open to receiving constructive criticism so you can improve upon your skills.
Keep sane when working with clients. Allow time for good ideas to develop.
While it’s exciting to have client orders, be sure to allow yourself some time between the initial order and the completion deadline. Why? Working under a time crunch typically creates stress that’s not conducive to creative thinking, risk-taking and solutions.
Make time for daydreaming, and or, meditation
If you must schedule this, please do. Allowing your mind to wonder in the form of daydreaming, or during meditation is how you can access the subconscious. This can be a good time for creative ideas to flow -  when the mind stops pondering your problems.

cabochon stones and jewelry tools: stamps,  steal block, hammer and lace for texture

Try new things and processes!
This could be something as simple as a slight change of schedule. Maybe you work on your project in a different space. Or, maybe you play with mixing other materials you’ve never used before – fabric, or texture, for example.

Are you feeling more hopeful yet? Try one, a few or all of these tips and you’ll soon be in your creative flow again. You can try one of these tips when you take a Harold Studio jewelry class. It’s a great way to meet other jewelry designers! Learn more here.


Ho Ho Ho

The Christmas Party was a great success!  Fun was had by all and we really appreciate all of your support!  We will be closed for the holidays from Wednesday, December 24 - Thursday, January 1.  We will reopen on Friday, January 2.  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have lots of classes starting in January.  Take a look:

Jewelry 1:  Mondays 6-9pm, starts January 5
Jewelry 2:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 6
Jewelry 3:  Wednesdays 6-9pm, starts January 7
Treasure Box:  Sundays 12-3, starts January 11
Stone Setting:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 20
Cloisonne:  Saturday and Sunday, January 24-25, 9-5
Filigree:  Saturday and Sunday, January 31- February 1, 10-3
Wire Wrap Bracelet:  Tuesday, January 6, 6-9pm
Wire and Sheet Making:  Saturday, January 10th, 1-3
Finishing:  Saturday, January 10th, 3-4:30

Lots of Jewelry

Some of the great jewelry made at Harold Studio this week.

Wide silver band with texture and patina and narrow silver bands on top
Textured Silver Spinner Rings

Brass and copper pierced and sawed then riveted together with silver wire.
Riveted, pierced pendant in copper and brass.

Brass and copper textured heart with silver wire rivet
Copper and brass riveted, textured heart pendant.

Sterling silver with copper enamel discs cabochon set to make earrings.
Enameled silver earrings.

Harold Studio jewelry display table at the Grand Avenue Festival
Our table at the Grand Ave. Art Festival.

Harold Studio jewelry display table at the Grand Avenue Fall Festival
Lynn, Rebekah, and Valerie working our table.
Square silver wire formed into a circle and tube set
Silver tube set pendant.

Sterling silver balled and soldered to form a ring
Silver bubble ring.

Vintage buttons with silver wires
Vintage button earrings.

Rectangular silver ball ring
Silver ball ring.

sterling silver ring made with silver balls
Silver Ball ring.

brass wire with copper flowers, silver  and orange beads
Brass and copper necklace made in the treasure box class.

Sterling silver rings soldered with purple tube set stones
Silver tube set cuff.

Studio dog
Silly Cody!

Boxes formed with copper and beads riveted in boxes.
Copper box and bead settings.


Tip of the Week

Happy Friday!  Lot's happening this week at the studio.  We had new Jewelry 1, 2 and 3 classes start and lots of people in during open studio.  I love to see the studio buzzing with activity!  

We are getting ready to add a torch in the back room along with some stools for the benches.  We hope to have the back room ready to go in the next week or two!  

Don't forget to sign in to open studio.  You can find the blue glittery book on top of the water cooler.

Tip of the week:  Put a small scrap of leather in your toolbox.  Leather is great for setting your piece on so that it doesn't get scratched.  If you find your piece of jewelry is getting hot when filing or using the flex shaft, use a piece of leather to hold onto it.  You can also use a tiny piece under a cabochon stone if you find that your stone is too low or is uneven.  We would love to hear your tips.  Comment below with your tips!!!

Love the colors of these enameled pieces created by Vera, Lori and Maria in Jewelry 3!

Deb did a great job die forming these pendants!

Jewelry 1 had a rocking night getting their riveted pendants complete.  Love the shapes!  Great job Will, Danielle, Abby, Erin, and Miriam!

Danielle working hard to get some fabulous pieces created!  Glad to see she is practicing safe jewelry making with her mask!

Had a fun knot ring workshop!  Didn't their rings come out great!

Katie and Nina created these awesome earrings in their first Jewelry 1 class.
Sneak peak at some of Danielle's new pieces.  Love her use of color!  Stay tuned for the finished product.

Cody is super relaxed and says have a chill weekend!


New Classes, Cool Jewelry, Kitties, Horses and Cody

It has been another beautiful week here at Harold Studio!  Classes are busy and lots of super cool jewelry has been made.  Cody has received lots of love and is in a much better mood.  Whew!  We even had a special guest the other night who didn't want to leave, Chester the kitty.

We have lots of classes starting in the next few weeks!

Jewelry 1:  Tuesday 3/25
Jewelry 2:  Monday 3/24, Saturday 3/29, Friday 4/4
Jewelry 3:  Wednesday 4/2

There are still spaces left in each class!

Here is the week in pictures:

Nellie and Tricia finished these fabulous ball rings in Saturday's Jewelry 1 class!

Monday night's Jewelry 1 Class all finished their ball rings!  

A silver honeycomb necklace in the making! Carla did this in Jewelry 3 during casting.

Kylie made these beautiful rings in Jewelry 1.

Ann made these fun rings in Jewelry 3!  The colors are fabulous.

Loving this crescent moon necklace made by Danielle and modeled by Ann! 

A pendant made by Louie. The stone is Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the only known green tektite in the world.

Emily in Jewelry 1 made these great earrings.  She used hard boiled eggs to get the beautiful patina!

Tube set earrings made by Vera in Jewelry 2!  I love the combination of copper and silver!

Jewelry is not just for humans!  Love this concho made by Diana in Jewelry 1 that she put on her horses bridle!

This kitty entered the studio when we were trying to leave.  I think he wants to take a class!

Cody giving Lynn lots of love and slurpy kisses!

Cody has his smile back!  He says have a great week!


Recap: This week at the studio

Happy Sunday! Here are a few things that have been made at the studio the last few days. Hope you had a great weekend!
Cuff made by Michelle 
Resin Ring made during our Make and Take Workshop
I made it out to Country Thunder last weekend. It was my first time and definitely an interesting experience! Eric Church has a song called "Boots". During the song, most people took one off and sang along, including a friend of mine. :) It was a good time.

Here's to having a fun weekend!


Downtown Devil: DIY

I was interviewed this week by Kendra from the Downtown Devil about DIY culture in Phoenix. There are some really cool businesses I have never heard of in the article. Check out the post here. I think I have some exploring to do. How about you?

Guess to win!

Guess the size of this ring (for tomorrow's Make & Take workshop), and you could win it! Just post your guess on our facebook page. It's a silver and turquoise ring that we will be teaching you how to make. You can sign up for the workshop here. Good luck with the contest!