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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Ho Ho Ho

The Christmas Party was a great success!  Fun was had by all and we really appreciate all of your support!  We will be closed for the holidays from Wednesday, December 24 - Thursday, January 1.  We will reopen on Friday, January 2.  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have lots of classes starting in January.  Take a look:

Jewelry 1:  Mondays 6-9pm, starts January 5
Jewelry 2:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 6
Jewelry 3:  Wednesdays 6-9pm, starts January 7
Treasure Box:  Sundays 12-3, starts January 11
Stone Setting:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 20
Cloisonne:  Saturday and Sunday, January 24-25, 9-5
Filigree:  Saturday and Sunday, January 31- February 1, 10-3
Wire Wrap Bracelet:  Tuesday, January 6, 6-9pm
Wire and Sheet Making:  Saturday, January 10th, 1-3
Finishing:  Saturday, January 10th, 3-4:30

Jewelry Made at the Studio This Week

 Ruth etched a leaf pattern into these pretty earrings.
Etched Nickle Silver

Laura made these square textured earrings out of copper.
Copper Bead earrings with Texture
 Alejandra made these tube set earrings in Jewelry II.
Tube Set Silver Round Earrings
 Katy made these earrings for one of her first Jewelry I projects.
 Mikako made these torch-fired enameled heart earrings.
Enameled pink heart earrings
 Devon tube set these silver strip earrings on her birthday at the studio!
Pretty silver tube set earrings
 Lynn made this cuff for her daughter in law...
Silver Striped Cuff

 And this pendant with the star she pierced out.
Silver Striped Star Necklace


Keeping track of Solder

Here at the studio, I have a hard time keeping track of solder. Because there are so many people using the studio, sometimes things don't get put back in their designated space. If I didn't have a system for knowing what is hard, medium and easy solder, I would go crazy.

Here is my system as well as a handy sign you are more than welcome to print out and use for yourself!

• Only use sheet solder

• Color code it with a sharpie:

    Black for Hard
    Red for Medium
    Blue for Easy

I have a color guide for anyone who doesn't know at the studio
hard, medium, easy, solder, silver, color guide

• Keep it in a container like this one.

solder, box, blue, organized
 I have the container labeled so I can just flip open the lid and see...

My solder, in its right place, ready to be cut and used!

Do you have any other ways you use to keep track of your solder? Please share them with us!