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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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With the start of the New Year came the start of a new round of Jewelry I, II, and III classes!  Here are some great projects from this past week!

Jewelry I:  We are in week three of class and have learned sawing, piercing, riveting, textures, and patinas.  Below are some great projects made by combining some of the skills they have learned.  It is hard to believe they have only been making jewelry for a few weeks!
Fabulous pendant made by Kylie in Jewelry I using texturing, patinas and riveting!

Awesome earrings made by Emily in Jewelry 1using textures, patinas, and riveting!
Love this birdcage made by Tricia in Jewelry 1 using texturing, stamping, and riveting!
 Jewelry II:  Students in Jewelry II have been learning techniques to merge metals including lamination and solder inlay.  Below is a project demonstrating this technique.

Super fun key chain made by a student in Jewelry II using solder inlay to combine sliver and copper!

Other happenings with Harold Studio!  We have completed the new work stations in the back!  They are covered with pictures of lots of the jewelry made here in the studio.  Come on by and see if you can spot one of your pieces you made!

New work stations!

New work stations!

Great idea for a locket!  This was made by Lynn one of our part-time renters!
Deb made these great earrings by stamping and soldering!  Can't you just picture them dangling from your ears?

Keeping track of Solder

Here at the studio, I have a hard time keeping track of solder. Because there are so many people using the studio, sometimes things don't get put back in their designated space. If I didn't have a system for knowing what is hard, medium and easy solder, I would go crazy.

Here is my system as well as a handy sign you are more than welcome to print out and use for yourself!

• Only use sheet solder

• Color code it with a sharpie:

    Black for Hard
    Red for Medium
    Blue for Easy

I have a color guide for anyone who doesn't know at the studio
hard, medium, easy, solder, silver, color guide

• Keep it in a container like this one.

solder, box, blue, organized
 I have the container labeled so I can just flip open the lid and see...

My solder, in its right place, ready to be cut and used!

Do you have any other ways you use to keep track of your solder? Please share them with us!