silver cast findings for jewelry making

silver cast findings for jewelry making
Cast Findings

Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Treasure Box

We debuted the treasure box class at Harold Studio this month.  It was a huge hit!  The students were given a list of ingredients that they would use to create their piece of jewelry.  They were able to eliminate one of the ingredients and to add one ingredient of their choice.  The class lasted three weeks and started off with each participant creating their design.  The class concluded this past Tuesday and none of the students finished their design so we decided to add an additional week to future treasure box classes.  The students in this first class will be given a few studio hours to complete their projects.  Here are some pictures from all the fun!  Stay tuned for another post about their finished projects and their comments about the class!

Supplies and rules for treasure box jewelry class at Harold Studio in Phoenix
Treasure Box supplies and rules!  The supplies will change with each class.  

Treasure box supplies include copper, silver, brass and beads
A visual look at the supplies.

Looking at a jewelry design book for inspiration to create her piece of jewelry for the treasure box class.
Louise is looking at a book for inspiration for her design.  I wonder what she will make!  

Student drawing her ideas for her jewelry design for the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia is drawing out her design!

Treasure box student has used her brass wire to form a necklace and her copper to do some fold forming
Lynn's supplies are taking shape!

Student designed this pendant using copper sheet, silver square wire, a red bead and brass wire for the treasure box jewelry class
Louise's pendant is coming along nicely!! I love the modern design! 

Student in the treasure box class at harold studio is using colorful beads along with domed silver sheet.
Lousie is getting creative with her beads and silver!  What is she going to do with these!

A copper cuff bracelet is being designed with beads, copper, and silver.
Ah!  Now we see what Louise is thinking!  This looks really cool!

Silver and copper are being joined together by soldering in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia has been doing lots and lots and lots of soldering!  

Hollow beads made by soldering together brass, copper, and silver domed metal pieces
Another view of Patricia's soldering pieces.  She is laminating brass and copper and putting the domed beads together to form hollow beads!  Don't forget to put at least 2 holes in your piece if you plan to make a hollow piece so it doesn't explode from the pressure.

Hollow star bead made from copper in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia also plans to put these two pieces together to form a bead.

Brass necklace with copper flowers being made at Harold Studio in the treasure box class
Lynn giving a sneak peek of the necklace she is working on.  
Pendant is made with copper that has been folded over and holds silver wire with orange beads.
Close up view of one of the flowers Lynn is making for her necklace.


Harold Studio Store

The Studio now has a store! I've been working for a little while on having a few things that are affordable, cohesive and a good representation of the studio.

The process has been much more fun than I had expected. The other day, the wonderful photographer Tiffany Egbert took some quick and lovely shots of the line on the beautiful model Natalia and they turned out great!

Silver necklace for sale at shop.haroldstudio.comSilver post earrings for sale at

Silver ring for sale at is where you can find our store. You can also get there from our main website!

I'm excited to start offering the line and expanding it! What do you think?

Picture of the Day: Tomi's Treasures

These are a couple of pendants Tomi made after learning tube setting in Jewelry II. She's planning on adding tube set pieces to her Etsy shop where she sells a lot of custom stamped pieces. During class, we hear her phone give off a money sounding ding all of the time to indicate she has made another sale.

Below are some custom silver guitar picks she does. Aren't they a great idea?

Tomi had her 500th sale just before last weeks class. It's so neat to see people coming through the studio and doing well! I'm sure she'll have a thousand soon!

Tomi's shop is called Tomi's Treasures. What are you're favorite pieces from her shop?

Guess to win!

Guess the size of this ring (for tomorrow's Make & Take workshop), and you could win it! Just post your guess on our facebook page. It's a silver and turquoise ring that we will be teaching you how to make. You can sign up for the workshop here. Good luck with the contest!