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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Geometry, Clean Lines, Modern, and Industrial Equate to Some Cool Jewelry

It has been another beautiful week in the studio!  Of course, when you are surrounded by fun people, amazing jewelry, and doing what you love how can it not be great!!  I am attaching a link to a cool exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.  It is a collection of pins that were worn by Madeleine Albright.  It runs through April 20 and admission is free on Wednesday afternoon/evening. 

Here is this weeks collection of jewelry!  I love seeing all the different designs that students come up with after taking Jewelry 1 and 2.

Copper textured earrings made in Jewelry 1.

Super fun copper cuff bracelet made by Danielle, one of our key renters.

Danielle modeling her cuff.

Love this pendant made by a Jewelry 1 student by soldering and stamping!

Keum-boo pendant.  Love the geometrical shapes!

Beautiful Keum-boo earrings made by Lynn, one of our part-time studio renters.  

Nellie did a great job on her pebble ring in Jewelry 1.

Great set of jewelry made by Ann.  These pieces have clean lines and are super cool!

Super funky bracelet made by Wenda in open studio.  Love the industrial look.

Diana from Jewelry 1 brought in another horse bridle that she attached a turquoise cabochon to.

Diana did a great job on her pebble ring!

Love this leather, copper, and silver riveted bracelet made by Stacy!

Recap: This week at the studio

Happy Sunday! Here are a few things that have been made at the studio the last few days. Hope you had a great weekend!
Cuff made by Michelle 
Resin Ring made during our Make and Take Workshop
I made it out to Country Thunder last weekend. It was my first time and definitely an interesting experience! Eric Church has a song called "Boots". During the song, most people took one off and sang along, including a friend of mine. :) It was a good time.

Here's to having a fun weekend!


Picture of the Day: Tomi's Treasures

These are a couple of pendants Tomi made after learning tube setting in Jewelry II. She's planning on adding tube set pieces to her Etsy shop where she sells a lot of custom stamped pieces. During class, we hear her phone give off a money sounding ding all of the time to indicate she has made another sale.

Below are some custom silver guitar picks she does. Aren't they a great idea?

Tomi had her 500th sale just before last weeks class. It's so neat to see people coming through the studio and doing well! I'm sure she'll have a thousand soon!

Tomi's shop is called Tomi's Treasures. What are you're favorite pieces from her shop?

Guess to win!

Guess the size of this ring (for tomorrow's Make & Take workshop), and you could win it! Just post your guess on our facebook page. It's a silver and turquoise ring that we will be teaching you how to make. You can sign up for the workshop here. Good luck with the contest!