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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Upcoming Classes

We have some great classes scheduled to start in the next couple weeks!  Click on the class to register or for more information.

Also, the studio will be closed this Wednesday, January 21 and will be open on Thursday from 12-3pm.

Make jewelry in spinner ring jewelry class
Spinner Ring - Saturday January 17th 1-4pm

Learn to cabochon, tube, and flush setting
Stone Setting - Tuesday 6-9pm - Begins January 20th
Learn to solder, saw, pierce, rivet, texture, patina, and set stones
Jewelry 1 - Friday's 12-3pm - Begins January 23rd
Learn the jewelry enamel technique of Cloisonne
Cloisonne - Saturday and Sunday January 24 and 25,  9-5pm


Jewelry Pattern Idea

Contact Paper: It's Great for Jewelry Templates!

If you have a good idea for a jewelry design and want to use it over and over again, you may want to make a template to recreate the exact design specs. There are a few different ways to do this, and today we just discovered another! If you have any extra contact paper lying around, it acts as a great template for a design you want to saw out because it's:
  • Easy to transfer a pattern onto it

  • Sticky

  • Reusable
These are a pair of earrings Lynn made the other day. She really liked them and wanted to make another pair.

She first drew out the design on paper to make sure it looked exactly the way she wanted, making the adjustments necessary for it to look just right.

Then, she traced that design onto her contact paper.

She then cut out the transferred design, peeled it off, and stuck it to her metal.

Once she was done, she peeled the contact paper template off the metal, and placed them back onto their wax paper backings.