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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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It's Raining Cabochons!

It has been a busy couple weeks at Harold Studio!

We have updated the process for open studio.  We would be so appreciative if everyone coming in for open studio, including part time and full time renters, would please sign in to the blue sparkly book that will be on top of the water cooler!  If you are a part time or full time renter, just write pt or ft under the hours.  We want to track when the studio is being used and how busy it is during certain times.  Thanks in advance for your help!

We would like to offer our condolence to Ginger in Friday's Jewelry 1 class for the loss of her father.  We are sending our love to you and your family in this difficult time.

Are you a fan of our Facebook page?  If not, please check it out.  We post often (but not too often) pictures of jewelry made in the studio and jewelry articles and tips.  We would love it too if you would share great tips you have come across along the way.

Now here is the past two weeks in pictures!

Enjoy and see you soon!

It has been raining cabochon rings the past two weeks:

Picture 1:  Beautiful cab ring made by Ann in Jewelry 3.
Picture 2:  Light blue stone with fancy bezel wire made in Jewelry 1.
Picture 3:  Turquoise cab ring with fancy bezel made by Nelly in Jewelry 1.
Picture 4:  Amber made this gorgeous ruby bezel ring.
Picture 5:  Monday Nights Jewelry 1 class cab rings!
Picture 6:  Cab rings from Friday Mornings Jewelry 1 class!

Some other great projects!

Lori made this fabulous tube set silver ring in Jewelry 2!

 Debbie made these great copper earrings in Jewelry 1.  These were her very first sawing project and she incorporated riveting.  Very creative!

 Love this pendant made by Lisa in Jewelry 1.  She sawed out this amazing shape after texturing the metal with rolling mill paper.  Adding the stone was a great touch!

Pictured below is a stunning modern copper bracelet made by Danielle in Jewelry 3.  

Pictured below is an assortment of wonderful copper cuff bracelets made by Ruth in Graduate Studio.  She used riveting, fold forming, texturing, and cabochon setting.  Love the rich feeling these have!
This copper pendant made by Vera in Jewelry 2 turned out so beautiful.  She used texturing, riveting and stamping to make this a truly inspiring piece!

This was my favorite tool box of the week!  This Jewelry 1 student was truly creative when she took wine bottle packaging and turned it into a tool carrier/organizer.  

And last but not least, our mascot Cody!  He got a new hairdo last week that he isn't so thrilled about.  He has been a bit put out with the whole thing so if you see him give him a little extra love!  We still love you Cody, even with your flat top! 

With the start of the New Year came the start of a new round of Jewelry I, II, and III classes!  Here are some great projects from this past week!

Jewelry I:  We are in week three of class and have learned sawing, piercing, riveting, textures, and patinas.  Below are some great projects made by combining some of the skills they have learned.  It is hard to believe they have only been making jewelry for a few weeks!
Fabulous pendant made by Kylie in Jewelry I using texturing, patinas and riveting!

Awesome earrings made by Emily in Jewelry 1using textures, patinas, and riveting!
Love this birdcage made by Tricia in Jewelry 1 using texturing, stamping, and riveting!
 Jewelry II:  Students in Jewelry II have been learning techniques to merge metals including lamination and solder inlay.  Below is a project demonstrating this technique.

Super fun key chain made by a student in Jewelry II using solder inlay to combine sliver and copper!

Other happenings with Harold Studio!  We have completed the new work stations in the back!  They are covered with pictures of lots of the jewelry made here in the studio.  Come on by and see if you can spot one of your pieces you made!

New work stations!

New work stations!

Great idea for a locket!  This was made by Lynn one of our part-time renters!
Deb made these great earrings by stamping and soldering!  Can't you just picture them dangling from your ears?

Make and Take Earrings with Color!

We have a new and fun Make and Take earring workshop at the studio! Learn how to drill holes, roll out different shapes from the disc cutter and have them enameled with color to create your very own pair of earrings in this 1.5 hour workshop! The best part is that it's only $38. We offer the Make and Takes on Fridays and Saturdays so call or email to setup a time to make them today!

Also, if you're interested in an in depth class on enameling, we have one coming up in June with Michelle Startzman!

What do you think?

Fold Formed Earrings

These are a pair of earrings that were a Christmas present from Chris of Cross Currents Studio which I absolutely adore. They're long and look great on and are a pretty example of what you can do with fold forming. And what a coincidence, because tomorrow is our next Wine and Design and we are going over fold forming! So join us at Jobot at 6pm for some amazing food, drink, and jewelry conversation!

A Primitive Touch

Joesphine, the newest key member of Harold Studio has a laugh that is catching. She does a lot of research for her day job and makes jewelry to relax and enjoy doing something she loves. Here are a couple of pieces I snagged off her today:

This necklace has a clasp at the back with an extension which hangs down several inches.

These are some earrings which are mokume. Mokume stands for wood eye metal. This is Josephine's first attempt at mokume and they turned out pretty neat!

Last, these are some soon to be earrings using the technique of keum-boo.

Josephine makes everything without using electricity! She thinks her pieces have a primitive look to them. What do you think?

Hammered texture earrings

Tonight we started another Jewelry I class. Susanne made these earrings by using a jeweler's saw and piercing out the design. She then domed the metal and gave the earrings a hammer texture using the ball-peen end of a chasing hammer. They look great! Especially with all the shine they have going on. Way to go Susanne.