silver cast findings for jewelry making

silver cast findings for jewelry making
Cast Findings

Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Jewelry Classes & Supplies Make Great Gifts! Discover Different Ways of Giving for the Holidays.

ring clamp - jewelry saw - bench pin

Are you already browsing for holiday gifts just to avoid the madness of the holiday rush at Christmas time? Or, are you dreading it because some of your loved ones are hard to shop for?
Maybe some combination of these?

Harold Studio can help you reduce your pre-holiday stress! We offer classes throughout the year. We have options for every skill level. From beginner, to intermediate and seasoned jewelry designer.  We also sell jewelry design supplies and tools at our studio in Phoenix, AZ.  All of these make great gifts!

Here’s a list of gift ideas for the creative soul in your life.

For the Beginner Jewelry Artist:

Jewelry 1 Class --This class covers all the basics a metalsmith jewelry artist needs to know to develop their craft. Hand sawing earrings, soldering to make a ring, to creating patinas textures and more. This 8-week class will help your novice loved one become proficient at the art of metal jewelry design.

 For the Mid-level to Seasoned Jewelry Artist:

We offer a range of classes that would satisfy the intermediate to seasoned jewelry artists. From making cuffs, to stacked rings and or cabochon rings and more, the options for creativity are plenty.

Another Gift Idea for The Seasoned Artisan:

For those who’ve experience working with torches and metalsmith tools, we also offer the option to rent studio space, so individuals can work on their own projects. We offer part-time rental options.
Harold Studio's work benches

Gifts for Everyone:

No matter what level of experience a jewelry designer has, they all appreciate new, quality tools and supplies. We carry popular essentials like cabochon stones, saw blades, bezel wire, polishing discs and more. If you’re not sure what to buy, we offer gift cards, too.

Harold Studio's Gift CardWhile these all make great gifts, the gift of learning and growing in one’s creativity is priceless!

If you have questions about our classes, or our studio rental options, feel free to contact us. Harold Studio wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

Tips on Taking Good Jewelry Product Shots from a Professional Photographer – Part 1.

Tips on Taking Good Jewelry Product Shots from a Professional Photographer – Part 1.  
By: Amy Juneau

Phoenix Photographer, Sage, of Desert Sage Photography, met with me recently to share some basic tips on how to shoot good jewelry product shots. She has 6 years of experience as a jewelry product photographer and 10 years of experience photographing weddings.  She’s been a real gem (pun intended) in creating quality photos for Harold Jewelry.  
jewelry photo tips

Check out her advice in answer to my questions below:

AJ: What do you recommend for removing/avoiding dust and debris in close up shots?

S:    It depends on what background you wish to photograph the jewelry on. A white background looks professional, but it can be tricky, as it shows lint and random debris easily. Keep a lint roller and or tape handy (Sage always asks her jewelry artist clients what is their preference for a background before a shoot).

If you have a photo editing software, like Photoshop, and are somewhat knowledgeable of it, you can remove flecks of debris or lint easily that way.

Lastly, though It seems obvious, it’s helpful to wash hands before taking any jewelry photos. It keeps the oil from your skin from appearing on the jewelry, particularly on close-up shots.

AJ: What do you advise for removing weird or distracting shadows in a jewelry product shot?

tips on jewelry photography

S: If the jewelry isn’t a reflective piece, a light box is helpful. 
If you don't have one, you can use a cardboard box with a square cut out of the side covered with white fabric.  Place your light source, (remote flash or clamp lamp) outside the fabric covered cut out square and directed inside the box.  The fabric will act as a light diffuser and even out the shadows on your jewelry.   It's good to try to keep your light source relative to the size of your jewelry.

AJ: What do you recommend in regard to indoor vs. outdoor lighting when limited to a home studio?

jewelry photo tips

S: A clamp light with powerful bulb is best if you're stuck with indoor shots. Use a white board/paper opposing the light/flash source to even out the light source.
As for outdoor shots, there are optimal times of day. Avoid twilight, sunset and high-noon. Mid-morning around 9 am and Mid-afternoon between 2 and 3 pm are best.

AJ: Thank you, Sage! You’re such a wealth of information, and we ran out of time, so this will be followed by a ‘Product Photo Tips - part 2’ next month.

S: Thank you, Amy! I look forward to it.

 Check out some of Sage’s photography for Harold Jewelry and for her other clients here.