silver cast findings for jewelry making

silver cast findings for jewelry making
Cast Findings

Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Arizona Artist Series: Susan of Wallace Chambers Design Q&A

sterling silver spiral ring

How did you get into metalsmithing?

I had an uncle who made a living as a watchmaker. He also had an interest in stones and made some jewelry. When I was in elementary school he would take me along to hunt for rubies, and on one occasion he bought me a handcrafted Sterling dogwood flower ring. I thought this was so amazing! Later on I became aware of art shows, and grasped the fact that I could actually make a living designing and making jewelry.

What inspires you?

I would have to say beauty. I relate to the fluid nature of metal, and am totally in love with the drama of fire. I find clarity in looking for design, and it is usually a subtle, very unplanned idea that starts my process.

csterling silver cuff

What is your design process?

Very simply, I make it up as I go along!

What is your favorite tool?

I like working with my foredom ..... the finishing process I find
rewarding as the piece is becoming a whole.

Sterling silver twisted pendant on black cord

What is on your bench right now?

 I have been working on silver earrings with raw sea
glass. I decided to make unbacked bezel setting, and still have finishing to accomplish
on them.

sea glass earrings, ring mandrel, projects in process

Do you have any upcoming shows? 

I just finished my season in the Seattle area, where I do a Farmers Market on Saturdays.
My current goal is to focus on my website, and host my own online shows.

Where else can we find your work? 
In Arizona I have work for sale at Taliesin West, in The Frank Lloyd Wright Store. In
Washington I am working on a collection for SAM, Seattle Art Museum for the
spring/summer 2019 season.


Jewelry Classes & Supplies Make Great Gifts! Discover Different Ways of Giving for the Holidays.

ring clamp - jewelry saw - bench pin

Are you already browsing for holiday gifts just to avoid the madness of the holiday rush at Christmas time? Or, are you dreading it because some of your loved ones are hard to shop for?
Maybe some combination of these?

Harold Studio can help you reduce your pre-holiday stress! We offer classes throughout the year. We have options for every skill level. From beginner, to intermediate and seasoned jewelry designer.  We also sell jewelry design supplies and tools at our studio in Phoenix, AZ.  All of these make great gifts!

Here’s a list of gift ideas for the creative soul in your life.

For the Beginner Jewelry Artist:

Jewelry 1 Class --This class covers all the basics a metalsmith jewelry artist needs to know to develop their craft. Hand sawing earrings, soldering to make a ring, to creating patinas textures and more. This 8-week class will help your novice loved one become proficient at the art of metal jewelry design.

 For the Mid-level to Seasoned Jewelry Artist:

We offer a range of classes that would satisfy the intermediate to seasoned jewelry artists. From making cuffs, to stacked rings and or cabochon rings and more, the options for creativity are plenty.

Another Gift Idea for The Seasoned Artisan:

For those who’ve experience working with torches and metalsmith tools, we also offer the option to rent studio space, so individuals can work on their own projects. We offer part-time rental options.
Harold Studio's work benches

Gifts for Everyone:

No matter what level of experience a jewelry designer has, they all appreciate new, quality tools and supplies. We carry popular essentials like cabochon stones, saw blades, bezel wire, polishing discs and more. If you’re not sure what to buy, we offer gift cards, too.

Harold Studio's Gift CardWhile these all make great gifts, the gift of learning and growing in one’s creativity is priceless!

If you have questions about our classes, or our studio rental options, feel free to contact us. Harold Studio wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

Ethical Fairs & Festivals Vs. Unethical Ones and How to Tell the Difference.

Downtown Phoenix Art Show

House of Hot Cakes set up for a show
You’re feeling pretty awesome lately. An art-based event company approached you about exhibiting and selling your jewelry to a large audience. It’s different from your local farmers market and sounds more sophisticated than your opportunity to sell at a local school fair.

However, don’t get distracted by sleek, marketing tactics – the chic website and venue location. Here’s some tip-offs that an event may not be worth your time:

The event organizers don’t ask to see images of your work. A legitimate art /artisan-focused event company would have a juried selection process from which to decide which artists participate in a given event. 

They require you to sell tickets to the event. This in turn, takes time away from you that you could be applying to your craft, or making new pieces. Not to mention, it can cause friends/family to feel awkward or obliged to support you vs. you simply inviting them to the event – no strings attached. 

 They insist you pay a large sum total up front to participate – in cash only. 

 They require you buy advertising on their website or other promotional materials to participate.

High and Dry set up for a jewelry show

Now, if you are one of those rare individuals that loves to sell advertising, event tickets and make art, you are amazing! Don’t let such particulars stop you from getting your work in front of people. However, no one should be required to sell tickets, advertise a certain way, or be limited to one payment option to participate in an event. Last but not least, everyone’s art should be reviewed and approved in advance to avoid situations where people are selling pre-fabricated or, worse, stolen work.

We hope these tips make it easier for you to decide which events to take part in this fall! This site features an extensive list of legitimate, juried festivals and fairs around the country.

If you need supplies or tools to finish up your metal jewelry creations for an upcoming event, drop by Harold Studio. We have a nice selection of essentials to choose from.

Best of luck to you this fall/winter with your jewelry sales!