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Ocean Jasper Cabochon Ring

silver ring with faceted ocean jasper on stone

Follow along as we show you how to make an ocean jasper cabochon ring.

Tools & materials used for Ocean Jasper Cabochon Ring Project project:


  • 20 gauge Silver Sheet
  • 1/2 round Wire for the Ring Band (we used decorative ring band )
  • bezel strip (we used serrated bezel )
  • Easy, medium and hard silver solder
  • Cabochon 
 Any half round wire between 12g and 6g will be good for rings depending on the size of the stone and the desired look of the band. Keep in mind, the higher the number the thinner the wire. 


  • Ring Sizers
  • Calipers
  • Fine tip sharpie
  • Nippers
  • Jewelry Saw
  • Flat nose pliers and or Miter Jig
  • Wire cutters 
  • Wubber bail pliersThe Wubber 7 & 9mm bail making pliers are a favorite around the studio.
  • Steel Block
  • Rawhide or Nylon Hammer
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Ring Clamp
  • Bech Pin
  • Flex Shaft
  • Polishing Wheels:
    • Yellow, Red and Blue Radial Discs
    • Silicone wheels fine and medium grit
  • Bezel Rocker or Bezel Pusher
  • Burnishing Tool
  • Sand Paper 400 grit
  • Disc Cutter *** optional
  • Heavy Brass Hammer
  • Torch
  • Solder Brick 
  • Tripod
  • locking tweezers
  • sharp tweezers
  • flux
  • flux brush
  • 50/50 mixture of denatured alcohol and boric acid 
  • Pickle - crock pot 
  • bowl for water
  • binder clips

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