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DIY Silver Handmade Ear Wires

Today we are going over all the steps for you to be able to make your own french ear wires.

silver ear wires on hand

This is something you can do when you’re not feeling inspired creatively, but still want (or need!) to be in the studio and productive. Sometimes we don’t feel especially creative, but pushing through with a project like making and stockpiling a bunch of ear-wires helps us get into the right frame of mind for our next design. And, when you are in a creativity frenzy, you'll have all the ear-wires your jewelry needs and deserves.  So here is our quick video on the process we use to make our own ear-wires.

Tools & materials used for ear wire project:


  • 20 gauge round sterling silver wire
 Any round wire between .75 and .85mm thick will be good for most ears. That is the standard when making ear-wires or posts.

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Wubber bail pliers. The Wubber 7 & 9mm bail making pliers are a favorite around the studio. They’re the perfect size for ear wires but we also use them for a myriad of other applications and they get a lot of use in the studio. It’s extremely useful having round nose pliers without a taper in two sizes that are commonly used.
  • Optional: Cup bur. The one I link to here is a .8mm which makes rounding out the ends of the ear wire easy. Just put it in your flex shaft and spin it around the end of your wire and you won’t have any burs in a matter of seconds.
red handled round nose pliers

flat nose pliers with red handle

black wire cutting pliers

We think that making your own adds a lot to your custom pieces they aren’t hard to make and can make a big difference compared to the store bought ones. Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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