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Ethical Fairs & Festivals Vs. Unethical Ones and How to Tell the Difference.

Downtown Phoenix Art Show

House of Hot Cakes set up for a show
You’re feeling pretty awesome lately. An art-based event company approached you about exhibiting and selling your jewelry to a large audience. It’s different from your local farmers market and sounds more sophisticated than your opportunity to sell at a local school fair.

However, don’t get distracted by sleek, marketing tactics – the chic website and venue location. Here’s some tip-offs that an event may not be worth your time:

The event organizers don’t ask to see images of your work. A legitimate art /artisan-focused event company would have a juried selection process from which to decide which artists participate in a given event. 

They require you to sell tickets to the event. This in turn, takes time away from you that you could be applying to your craft, or making new pieces. Not to mention, it can cause friends/family to feel awkward or obliged to support you vs. you simply inviting them to the event – no strings attached. 

 They insist you pay a large sum total up front to participate – in cash only. 

 They require you buy advertising on their website or other promotional materials to participate.

High and Dry set up for a jewelry show

Now, if you are one of those rare individuals that loves to sell advertising, event tickets and make art, you are amazing! Don’t let such particulars stop you from getting your work in front of people. However, no one should be required to sell tickets, advertise a certain way, or be limited to one payment option to participate in an event. Last but not least, everyone’s art should be reviewed and approved in advance to avoid situations where people are selling pre-fabricated or, worse, stolen work.

We hope these tips make it easier for you to decide which events to take part in this fall! This site features an extensive list of legitimate, juried festivals and fairs around the country.

If you need supplies or tools to finish up your metal jewelry creations for an upcoming event, drop by Harold Studio. We have a nice selection of essentials to choose from.

Best of luck to you this fall/winter with your jewelry sales!

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