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Jewelry Tools for the Intermediate to Advanced Metal Jewelry Artist. Harold Studio of Phoenix Has Some Recommendations.

You were excited to see that at least a few of your projects finished in your introductory level jewelry class was successful, now you’re ready to expand what you learned. Here are some tools that will help you add interesting and fun details to your work.

Center Punch – is a simple tool used to do as its name implies – it ‘punches’ or makes an indention in metal. This makes it easier for your drill to stay centered when making a hole in the metal. Since it stabilizes the drill, you’re less likely to damage the metal as you drill. Drilled holes can be a design element in and of themselves. However, they’re often utilized as a connection point for other jewelry parts – like a bail on a necklace, for example.
center punch tool

Rolling Mill – A rolling mill serves multiple purposes. It can flatten/thin out sheet metal and wire. It can also be used to apply texture and designs to your piece. Durston is one of the most respected manufacturers of rolling mills on the market. No matter which brand of rolling mill you purchase, be sure to purchase one made of high-quality hardened steel—this ensures that the mill can not only make quality, even forms but will also work for a long duration that’s worth the investment.
Rolling Mill and Hydraulic Press on work bench
Metal Stamps
Metal stamps make a lasting impression - literally!  They do take practice and finesse to get a nice even design. There are hundreds of stamp patterns, symbols, and design elements you can add to your jewelry creations. A tip - If you hit your stamp multiple times in the same spot, it may result in distorted or double images on the metal.
moon stamp, 2 circle design stamp, ohm stamp

Casting Molds
Making jewelry with a mold is a method used to insure that your jewelry ideas can be accurately recreated again whenever you’d like in the future. Your original mold can be as simple as a ring with no stone, or embellishments or as elaborate as an intricately detailed statement necklace.

If you’ve not yet tried your hand at these tools, Harold Studio in Phoenix offers classes and the option to rent studio time where you’ll be able to practice with metal stamps, center punches, and a rolling mill. While casting classes aren’t currently available, there is a purchase option to have your design cast molded. Learn more about the studio here.

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