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Enameling Inspiration

Kathy picked up enameling about a year ago. She really liked it and had a week where she was required to stay indoors, so she decided to buy a bunch of different colored enamels and go to town with practicing. Since then, she always has something new to show. I'm always amazed at how quickly she seems to be improving and learning. But it does make sense. She loves doing it and spends a lot of time reading, practicing and making enameled pieces. 

Kathy stores all of her enamels in cardboard boxes with sample colors at the top for reference. This is a great way to keep track of what you have. All of the doubled up colors are for the transparent colors. One sample is just a coat of the transparent. The other is a coat of opaque white with the transparent color over it.

Below are a few she had with her last night.

I think my favorite are the flower earrings. What are yours?

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