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Studio Blessings

One of the unexpected, but very much appreciated perks of Harold Studio, is all of the relationships I have gained. I have found and made so many friends, formed so many positive relationships through the studio, I am extremely blessed. I have come to care about so many special people that have come into my life over the years. Some are snowbirds(people who enjoy the beautiful weather Arizona offers in the winter months, then leave for the hot summer months). They spend a fair amount of time at the studio and we get to know each other, then they are gone for months and I really feel like a friend is gone. But they keep in touch through email, interested in my life and keeping me up to date with theirs. I have met many husbands who tell me they are grateful to me because their wives are so happy to have the studio to go to and get so much out of it. I have been over to their homes for dinner, been through the ups and downs of relationships, of life with them. Given and received comfort. Made a difference, an impact on the lives of wonderful people. And they have made a huge impact on my life. I am blessed to have a job where the people who visit are happy to be and where they leave happy.

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