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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Upcoming Classes

We have some great classes scheduled to start in the next couple weeks!  Click on the class to register or for more information.

Also, the studio will be closed this Wednesday, January 21 and will be open on Thursday from 12-3pm.

Make jewelry in spinner ring jewelry class
Spinner Ring - Saturday January 17th 1-4pm

Learn to cabochon, tube, and flush setting
Stone Setting - Tuesday 6-9pm - Begins January 20th
Learn to solder, saw, pierce, rivet, texture, patina, and set stones
Jewelry 1 - Friday's 12-3pm - Begins January 23rd
Learn the jewelry enamel technique of Cloisonne
Cloisonne - Saturday and Sunday January 24 and 25,  9-5pm


Enameled Jewelry

There have been quite a few enameled jewelry pieces coming out of the studio the last few weeks. Enameling is a fun way to add color, instead of using gemstones, in jewelry. In fact, I believe enameling was first created to have the look of certain gemstones that may have been a bit pricy or rare to find.

Susan made these enameled pendants using an enameled base with an enameled design layer.
Kathy made all of these pieces using an enameled base with an oil underglaze to create the pretty shapes you see in the glass.

And the enamel glows in the dark!! All of the pieces of Kathy's above do.  They were difficult to photograph, but the picture below is a pretty good representation of how cool they look. Isn't that such a great idea?

Glowing Earrings

She made a piece for fun that looks a little like the shop dog, Cody.

I made him this Dog Tag using the oil based under glaze.

And he really likes it!
Enameling is definitely a fun technique you can do a lot with. I know I can't wait to make Cody some tags in different colors!