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Jewelry classes in phoenix az

Jewelry classes in phoenix az
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Arizona Artist Series: Rebecca/ MissHotcakes Q&A

Rebecca of MissHotcakes has a quirky unique style that mixes her love of the vintage and weird in a beautiful way through her jewelry designs. Learn more about her process and style in our latest Arizona Artist segment below!

labradorite ring

How did you get into metalsmithing?

Jewelry making has been something I’ve been doing since high school, maybe earlier, so it’s always been an interest of mine. It started with beads, and then in the late 90s, there were hemp necklaces/bracelets. More recently, I was on the lookout for vintage buttons, and I also was using felt for a bit.
I enjoyed that, but I found that I wanted to elevate my skill set, which led me to taking a course at Harold in 2015. I fell in love with the process and the ability to really create something out of nothing. 
Creating is just such an important thing to me, and metalsmithing is really my favorite way to scratch my creative itch.
saguaro necklace and pin

What inspires you?

So much! I find so much inspiration from the desert around me here in Phoenix. Nature in general is a huge inspiration. 
I’ve also always been drawn to some of the darker things in life – skulls and skeletons, witchcraft and other pagan symbols, the night sky! Stars and the moon have always been something I feel drawn to.
Recently, I featured Irina Ionesco’s photography on my Instagram page because her photos are just so amazing and are such an inspiration to me. They’re dark but beautiful and unique, which is exactly the aesthetic  I am after. If you aren’t familiar, I really suggest checking her out.

What is your design process?

Usually, I have one thing, whether it be a stone, a technique, or an idea that will drive the rest of the piece. Most things I plan and sketch out and think over, but there are some pieces that just come together organically that I hadn’t planned on at all. 
I’m also usually not one to start and finish a project all at one time. Instead, I have about 3 things going all at once that I work on in spurts.

What is your favorite tool?

My favorite tool is my tweezers. Why, I don’t know, but I have to have them!

What is on your bench right now?

I have a onyx and moonstone ring that I’m nearly finished with.  
I also have a picture jasper that I’m about to start working with. I’m going to use bronze, which I’ve never used before, so I’m excited for that. 
Of course, I have other things in the works, but I’ll leave it there!

ring in making

Loving this Psychic hand necklace currently available on her site. Go, take a look and shop now! At
brass and silver hand necklace


Tips on Taking Good Jewelry Product Shots from a Professional Photographer – Part 1.

Tips on Taking Good Jewelry Product Shots from a Professional Photographer – Part 1.  
By: Amy Juneau

Phoenix Photographer, Sage, of Desert Sage Photography, met with me recently to share some basic tips on how to shoot good jewelry product shots. She has 6 years of experience as a jewelry product photographer and 10 years of experience photographing weddings.  She’s been a real gem (pun intended) in creating quality photos for Harold Jewelry.  
jewelry photo tips

Check out her advice in answer to my questions below:

AJ: What do you recommend for removing/avoiding dust and debris in close up shots?

S:    It depends on what background you wish to photograph the jewelry on. A white background looks professional, but it can be tricky, as it shows lint and random debris easily. Keep a lint roller and or tape handy (Sage always asks her jewelry artist clients what is their preference for a background before a shoot).

If you have a photo editing software, like Photoshop, and are somewhat knowledgeable of it, you can remove flecks of debris or lint easily that way.

Lastly, though It seems obvious, it’s helpful to wash hands before taking any jewelry photos. It keeps the oil from your skin from appearing on the jewelry, particularly on close-up shots.

AJ: What do you advise for removing weird or distracting shadows in a jewelry product shot?

tips on jewelry photography

S: If the jewelry isn’t a reflective piece, a light box is helpful. 
If you don't have one, you can use a cardboard box with a square cut out of the side covered with white fabric.  Place your light source, (remote flash or clamp lamp) outside the fabric covered cut out square and directed inside the box.  The fabric will act as a light diffuser and even out the shadows on your jewelry.   It's good to try to keep your light source relative to the size of your jewelry.

AJ: What do you recommend in regard to indoor vs. outdoor lighting when limited to a home studio?

jewelry photo tips

S: A clamp light with powerful bulb is best if you're stuck with indoor shots. Use a white board/paper opposing the light/flash source to even out the light source.
As for outdoor shots, there are optimal times of day. Avoid twilight, sunset and high-noon. Mid-morning around 9 am and Mid-afternoon between 2 and 3 pm are best.

AJ: Thank you, Sage! You’re such a wealth of information, and we ran out of time, so this will be followed by a ‘Product Photo Tips - part 2’ next month.

S: Thank you, Amy! I look forward to it.

 Check out some of Sage’s photography for Harold Jewelry and for her other clients here.


Dear Jewelry

Arizona Artist Series: Katherine Londen Q&A

Katherine makes jewelry that mixes edgy lines with organic shapes and she always uses beautiful stones as a focal point. She just launched her etsy store, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next. 

silver long earrings with topaz
Stick Earrings

How did you get into making jewelry?

I first became interested in metalsmithing in college, when I worked for a year as a sales assistant at a boutique jewelry store in Tucson called Viir Jewelers. I learned a little about gemstones and how they form in the earth, what gives them their colors, where they come from, etc. and I was fascinated by it. Jewelry making is really the intersection of art and science. I think that is the coolest thing! Years later, I read an article about Harold Studio and when I ended up taking a job downtown, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a class and learn. I've since taken several different classes.

What inspires you?

Science and nature - the things we see all around us, like our environment and its creatures, but also the things that are hidden to our eyes, like diatoms, which you can only see with a microscope. I'm also inspired by gemstones themselves - a particular color or shape or type of gemstone will get my creative thoughts racing!

What is your design process?

Bubble ring with tube set diamond in 14k gold
Silver Diamond Ring
For me, it's mostly about the stone itself, because I want the stone to look its best. Its color, shape, etc. all give me ideas. Sometimes those ideas work, and other times I have to rework the ideas!

What is your favorite tool?

I don't know that it's my favorite, but the tool I use the most and that I find comes in handy all the time for all sorts of things is my bastard mill file. Also, I couldn't live without my optivisor.

What is on your bench right now?

I rent studio space from Harold Studio (thank you!!!) so right now, nothing. But there's usually my optivisor, saw, a bunch of stones, silver sheet and wire, files, bristle or silicon discs, and some works in progress. I think you can testify to the fact that a lot of the contents of my toolbox, in fact, find their way to the bench, creeping across two spaces rather than one. The organization aspect of my jewelry making is a work in progress itself, haha!

5 Tips on creating with intention

how to be creative and productive

How to create with intention.

It's so easy to focus on the negative, or the overwhelming list of things to do. The reason I am drawn to create is because it forces me to focus in the moment. But sometimes I can get so caught up in the process of making jewelry, I lose track of time and, more importantly, the goals I have for myself.


Treasure Box

We debuted the treasure box class at Harold Studio this month.  It was a huge hit!  The students were given a list of ingredients that they would use to create their piece of jewelry.  They were able to eliminate one of the ingredients and to add one ingredient of their choice.  The class lasted three weeks and started off with each participant creating their design.  The class concluded this past Tuesday and none of the students finished their design so we decided to add an additional week to future treasure box classes.  The students in this first class will be given a few studio hours to complete their projects.  Here are some pictures from all the fun!  Stay tuned for another post about their finished projects and their comments about the class!

Supplies and rules for treasure box jewelry class at Harold Studio in Phoenix
Treasure Box supplies and rules!  The supplies will change with each class.  

Treasure box supplies include copper, silver, brass and beads
A visual look at the supplies.

Looking at a jewelry design book for inspiration to create her piece of jewelry for the treasure box class.
Louise is looking at a book for inspiration for her design.  I wonder what she will make!  

Student drawing her ideas for her jewelry design for the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia is drawing out her design!

Treasure box student has used her brass wire to form a necklace and her copper to do some fold forming
Lynn's supplies are taking shape!

Student designed this pendant using copper sheet, silver square wire, a red bead and brass wire for the treasure box jewelry class
Louise's pendant is coming along nicely!! I love the modern design! 

Student in the treasure box class at harold studio is using colorful beads along with domed silver sheet.
Lousie is getting creative with her beads and silver!  What is she going to do with these!

A copper cuff bracelet is being designed with beads, copper, and silver.
Ah!  Now we see what Louise is thinking!  This looks really cool!

Silver and copper are being joined together by soldering in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia has been doing lots and lots and lots of soldering!  

Hollow beads made by soldering together brass, copper, and silver domed metal pieces
Another view of Patricia's soldering pieces.  She is laminating brass and copper and putting the domed beads together to form hollow beads!  Don't forget to put at least 2 holes in your piece if you plan to make a hollow piece so it doesn't explode from the pressure.

Hollow star bead made from copper in the treasure box class at Harold Studio
Patricia also plans to put these two pieces together to form a bead.

Brass necklace with copper flowers being made at Harold Studio in the treasure box class
Lynn giving a sneak peek of the necklace she is working on.  
Pendant is made with copper that has been folded over and holds silver wire with orange beads.
Close up view of one of the flowers Lynn is making for her necklace.


Supercalafragalistic Jewelry at Harold Studio

Happy Friday to all our friends!

It has been a super week at the studio!  Classes are keeping busy and creating lots of wonderful jewelry.  


Please remember to wear close toed shoes and to keep your hair pulled back.  I know the temperatures are warming up and it is tempting to put on your favorite flip flops but your feet will not be happy with you if they get cut or burned by a piece of metal.  If you come in with open toed shoes you will not be allowed to work in the studio.  (I know, we are mean, but really we just care about you!)  :)

We will be closed this Sunday for Easter.

Upcoming Classes:

Jewelry 1:
Beginning Friday, April 25 2-5pm
Beginning Sunday, May 18 12-3

Jewelry 2:
Beginning Thursday, April 24 12-3
Beginning Tuesday, May 20 6-9

Tip of the Week
When checking for a gas leak with the torch, you can use water and dish soap.  If you get bubbles, you got a leak.  Turn off tanks and check your hook ups.

Do you have questions for us?  We would love to hear them.  Post them in comments on this blog or on our Facebook page and we will answer them in next weeks blog post!

Have a great week!

Copper flower 3 layer pendant with texture and heat patina
Nina made this fun flower pendant in Jewelry 1 using heat patina, texturing, and rivets
Karen made this great flower pendant in Jewelry 1 using rivets.

Handmade arizona state copper magnet with a pine tree cutout and heart riveted to the top
Love this magnet made by Sara in Jewelry 1.  She did a fantastic job sawing this out and riveting.

Two disc earrings made from copper and silver using a tube rivet to connect and thread the earwires through.
These earrings were made by Stacy using tube rivets.  Love the movement they have.  So pretty hanging on the ears.

Copper turtle with brass textured shell attached by rivets
Sue made this super cute turtle using texture and rivets.

Arizona jasper and Agate cabochons that are partially done
Some beautiful cabs that Louis is in the process of making.  These are Arizona Jasper and Agate!

Brass keychain with sea love stamped on it and a whale tale sweat soldered in copper to the top
Sea Love Pendant made by Sue.  Love her love of the sea!

Sweat soldered brass fleur de lis to copper oval backing

Wide band copper ring with stamped texture and flared out ends
Melanie made this gorgeous copper ring in Graduate Studio!  I love her detail work.  

Jewelry 2 tube riveted works in progress
These tube riveted pendants were made by Steve, Ginger, and Janel in Jewelry 2.  They did a great job!
Jewelry making class for a girls night
Girl's Night!  These ladies had lots of fun on their girl's night at the studio.  They made beautiful Cabochon Rings  (shown below).

Finished cabochon rings made during a night out with the girls in phx

Jewelry 1 sweat soldering project making a dog bone and sweat soldering a heart to it
Abby made this cute dog bone pendant in Jewelry 1!  Cody approves this project!

Danielle made this fun geometric pendant in Jewelry 1.

Will did a great job of making this sun in Jewelry 1.

Cody is once again freely handing out kisses.  Ginger doesn't seem to mind!  


Get out of the Heat and Make Jewelry

Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope your week was wonderful!  With the temperatures rising, I spent the week inside the nice, coo, comfy studio.  The orange room is taking shape with some new stools and exhaust fan.  Soon we will have a torch or two back there.  

The 3rd Annual Laveen Festival of FIne Arts will be taking place May 16-17, 2014 at South Mountain community College Laveen Center.  You can enter two pieces of art for $20.  For more information you can visit:

Tip of the Week:  Use a mixture of alcohol and boric acid when soldering.  Alcohol and boric acid will prevent fire scale and will keep your metal clean so that your solder will flow better and there will be less clean up from oxidation during heating.  Just dip your metal into the mixture before you heat it up.  Repeat each time you solder.

Here is this weeks pictures.  Enjoy!

Laura made these super cool earrings and ring made out of shell casings.

Tuesday night's Jewelry 1 class created these fun pieces with texture and heat patina!

Lisa, Lorina, and Deb made these great tube riveted pieces in Jewelry 2.

Johanna and Danielle working hard to make the stools look fabulous!  Thanks Danielle for all your help!

I rarely post pictures of my own jewelry but I couldn't resist this week.  I made these earrings for my beautiful daughter.  She is going to prom on Saturday night.

Michelle and Danielle had some fun with their masks.

Cody says have a fun and safe weekend!


Tip of the Week

Happy Friday!  Lot's happening this week at the studio.  We had new Jewelry 1, 2 and 3 classes start and lots of people in during open studio.  I love to see the studio buzzing with activity!  

We are getting ready to add a torch in the back room along with some stools for the benches.  We hope to have the back room ready to go in the next week or two!  

Don't forget to sign in to open studio.  You can find the blue glittery book on top of the water cooler.

Tip of the week:  Put a small scrap of leather in your toolbox.  Leather is great for setting your piece on so that it doesn't get scratched.  If you find your piece of jewelry is getting hot when filing or using the flex shaft, use a piece of leather to hold onto it.  You can also use a tiny piece under a cabochon stone if you find that your stone is too low or is uneven.  We would love to hear your tips.  Comment below with your tips!!!

Love the colors of these enameled pieces created by Vera, Lori and Maria in Jewelry 3!

Deb did a great job die forming these pendants!

Jewelry 1 had a rocking night getting their riveted pendants complete.  Love the shapes!  Great job Will, Danielle, Abby, Erin, and Miriam!

Danielle working hard to get some fabulous pieces created!  Glad to see she is practicing safe jewelry making with her mask!

Had a fun knot ring workshop!  Didn't their rings come out great!

Katie and Nina created these awesome earrings in their first Jewelry 1 class.
Sneak peak at some of Danielle's new pieces.  Love her use of color!  Stay tuned for the finished product.

Cody is super relaxed and says have a chill weekend!