Stamping an inspirational bracelet

How to make an inspirational bracelet

Michelle makes wonderful inspirational bracelets and has come up with a great system for getting all of her letters to match up nicely:

• Hammer, bench block, calipers and stamps. The essentials for stamping jewelry

Hammer, stamps and bench block for stamping bracelet

• Michelle keeps a notebook of sayings she loves and uses them on her bracelets

Notebook with quotes for stamping on jewelry

• The letters can be hard to make out when stamping, and it is easy to stamp a letter backwards! So we mark them at the top of each stamp to let us know how the letter will look on metal.

Jewelry making stamps

written letters on individual letter stamps for easier stamping
• No special jewelry hammer here! Michelle uses a plain hammer to do all of her stamping, it is just used for stamping and she doesn't care if the faces get messed up because of that.

• Calipers and tape for lining up, plotting out and centering the quote.

Tape used to line up metal with bench blockCalipers to measure and center saying

• Stamping out her bracelet

Using hammer and letter stamps on copper

"You are only one decision away from a totally different life"
Inspiration quote on bracelet

Michelle's inspiration bracelets are sold exclusively at Bunky Boutique

Jeweler's Saw: Picking the right saw frame

Picking the right jeweler's saw frame:

There are a few things to consider when choosing a jeweler's saw:

• What you will be cutting
• The intricacy of your design
• The size of the piece of jewelry

This is your standard jeweler's saw. It is a great starter saw frame and we use them in all of our Jewelry classes at the studio. I like it because it provides a lot of stability(which is important) when sawing and it can cut out most projects.

shallow frame saw for making jewelry

This is a bit deeper saw frame. The pros and cons of it are in the wider frame. You will be able to cut metal that is longer and wider, which is great! But, it doesn't provide as much stability when sawing out your design because of the deeper frame. Thus, it can be a little more difficult to cut as precisely. If you are a more experienced sawer and piercer, or love sawing, this may be the way to go for you. If you don't love sawing and see it as a means to an end, you may want to stick with the shallower saw frame.
Saw for cutting metal with a deep frame for bigger pieces
Side by side of the shallow and deeper saw frames.

Side by side of two different saw frames for jewelersThis is a super fancy saw frame that looks like a piece of art. I can't say too much about it yet, because I haven't used it, but Michelle at the studio got it as a Christmas gift and is in love. If you love sawing, or want to give a great gift to a jeweler in your life, this may be the way to go.

curved iron decorative saw for jewelry making

Jewelry Flexshaft: The all around good tool

A good flex shaft is a staple at every jeweler's bench.

 It is hard to go very long without one because flex shafts have many uses including:

• Polishing
• Stone Setting
• Drilling

Flex shafts generally come in three parts:

• Motor
You want to elevate the flex shaft motor so it doesn't allow any kinks to get in the line that connects the motor and handpiece. The motor is generally controlled by the foot pedal. Foot pedals are not all created equal. Nicer ones can control the speed at which your handpiece spins. This can really come in handy when setting stones.

• Handpiece
Pink flexshaft handpiece and chuck key
This is where all the action happens. A standard handpiece uses a chuck key to tighten the jaws around any polishing tool or setting bur you may be using. There are some quick change handpieces that do not require a chuck key. If you have a little extra to spend, I was recently given a quick change handpiece and it seriously changed my world. I am so in love with it!

• Footpedal
Foredom footpedal for jeweler's felxshaft
So, what is a good quality flexshaft to buy?
Foredom is a big name that comes up over and over again and is known for their quality.
This is a great set with everything a new jeweler would need to start using a flex shaft except for the hanger.
This one has a c-clamp so you wouldn't have to drill any holes into your workbench.

Ho Ho Ho

The Christmas Party was a great success!  Fun was had by all and we really appreciate all of your support!  We will be closed for the holidays from Wednesday, December 24 - Thursday, January 1.  We will reopen on Friday, January 2.  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have lots of classes starting in January.  Take a look:

Jewelry 1:  Mondays 6-9pm, starts January 5
Jewelry 2:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 6
Jewelry 3:  Wednesdays 6-9pm, starts January 7
Treasure Box:  Sundays 12-3, starts January 11
Stone Setting:  Tuesdays 6-9pm, starts January 20
Cloisonne:  Saturday and Sunday, January 24-25, 9-5
Filigree:  Saturday and Sunday, January 31- February 1, 10-3
Wire Wrap Bracelet:  Tuesday, January 6, 6-9pm
Wire and Sheet Making:  Saturday, January 10th, 1-3
Finishing:  Saturday, January 10th, 3-4:30

New Treasure Box Classes Starting

The last treasure box class was such a hit that we have added 2 classes to the calendar.  The class is 4 weeks and you will be given the materials at the first class.  You will then design and create a piece of jewelry using the materials we give you.  The class is tons of fun and we keep you guessing about what the materials will be until the start of the class.  Each class uses different materials so if you taken it before this class will be totally different!  Here are a couple of pictures of projects completed in the last treasure box class!

You can sign up for the class here: